Lumber liquidators

Early this spring, I was driving down scenic Huron River Drive in my town, and found the bridge out. My curiosity got engaged and I decided to find out why they closed the road down.

What I found was something altogether more sinister than a simple bridge rebuild project.


Ambassador Bridge

This Captured using a Gopro Hero4 Black w/Rectilinear lens mod, lifted on a 3DR Solo on Saturday September 16th, 2017.

Ambassador Bridge
Ambassador Bridge

Ambassador Bridge  and Detroit River in foreground with Detroit Michigan USA on Left and Windsor Ontario, Canada on the right

Her Bridge

Barton Nature Area

I visited the Barton Nature Area.  It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny, mild winds.  I met a couple of older women, arriving as I did.  The younger of the two informed me that the bridge was the older woman’s.  I should have asked her name, because I use it often to pilot from.  Spry as can be, for one hundred and one years old. The bridge had a hand rail, so she left her walker behind as she went out onto the bridge.  I got my Solo up in the air and did my flight, while I was on the bridge I heard her remark that she couldn’t see a thing. After I landed, I left my photography card on her walker.  I hope she get’s to see this.