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Lumber liquidators

Early this spring, I was driving down scenic Huron River Drive in my town, and found the bridge out. My curiosity got engaged and I decided to find out why they closed the road down.

What I found was something altogether more sinister than a simple bridge rebuild project.


Her Bridge

Barton Nature Area

I visited the Barton Nature Area.  It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny, mild winds.  I met a couple of older women, arriving as I did.  The younger of the two informed me that the bridge was the older woman’s.  I should have asked her name, because I use it often to pilot from.  Spry as can be, for one hundred and one years old. The bridge had a hand rail, so she left her walker behind as she went out onto the bridge.  I got my Solo up in the air and did my flight, while I was on the bridge I heard her remark that she couldn’t see a thing. After I landed, I left my photography card on her walker.  I hope she get’s to see this.